Wine List and Drinks

White Wines


House White

Catarrato Chardonnay 125ml: £3.50 175ml: £4.50 250ml: £5.95 Bottle: £14.95

A full bodied and fruity Sicilian with ripe tropical flavours and a rich finish.


Frascati Superiore Collepapa Bottle: £18.95

Bright, pale yellow Italian with a soft, dry palate with fruity notes.


Verdicchio Classico Il Borgo Bottle: £19.95

Fresh, pale, crisp and dry with a slight nuttiness from central east Italy.


Pinot Grigio Ca’lunghetta 125ml: £4.25 175ml: £5.50 250ml: £7.50 Bottle: £21.50

With an intense straw colour and also an ample lasting fruity bouquet, the palate is dry, soft and well balanced, due to its full body.


Los Gansos Gewurztraminer Bottle: £22.00

A fresh Chilean with exceptional fruit and balanced acidity.


Rose Wines


Caliterra Shiraz Rosé Bottle: £24.50

Off dry and light bodied on the palate, with youthful fruit on the nose of this Chilean.


Pinot Grigio Di Veneto Rosé Ca’lunghetta 125ml: £4.25 175ml: £5.50 250ml £7.50 Bottle: £21.50

Elegant pink Italian with a flowery bouquet, dry, soft and well-balanced on the palate.


Red Wines


House Red

Terre Siciliane Saracena Nero D’avola 125ml: £3.50 175ml: £4.50 250ml: £5.95 Bottle: £14.95

Wonderfully pure dark cherry and bramble fruit combine with a hint of spice and dark chocolate smoky overtones. A well balanced Sicilian wine.


Inu Merlot 125ml: £3.95 175ml: £4.95 250ml: £6.75 Bottle: £18.95

Redcurrant and strawberry on the nose, with moderate tannins and fresh acidity, from Chile.


Chianti Di Toscana Grimalda DOC Bottle: £19.95

Classic Italian wine showing bittersweet cherry, plums with silky tannins and good length.


Terra Barossa Shiraz Bottle: £24.95

From Australia with aromas of sweet berry fruits, plums, pepper and spice. There is rich fruit on the palate and nice soft tannins are accompanied by great lengths of fruit flavour.


Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico Tenimenti Ca’bianca DOC Bottle: £55.00

A deep ruby red colour, the nose is vibrant and fruity, with hints of well-ripened fruit and spices. The palate is velvety and rounded.


Barolo Del Piemonte Villa Borghetti DOC Bottle: £55.00

One of Italy’s supreme reds. Made purely from the Nebiolo grape, smooth and ripe with rich, prune fruit, balanced tannins and a hint of ‘tar’.


Champagne & Sparkling Wine


Bollinger Special Cuvée N.V. Bottle: £79.95

A classic, full-bodied champagne ~ crisp, fresh and traditional.


Prosecco Terra Serena Treviso Bottle: £32.00

Italian sparkler with fine persistent mousse and an aromatic fruity bouquet.


Prosecco Terra Serena Treviso (single serve) 200ml £7.95



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Bar List


Draught Beer


Birra Poretti 4.8% 1/2 pint: £2.50 Pint: £5.00

A distinctive Italian beer offering floral and fruity flavours. Crisp and refreshing


Bottled Beers


Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.2% 330ml £3.50


San Miguel 5% 330ml £3.50


Gem Bath Ale 4.8% 500ml £4.95




Thatchers Gold 4.8% 500ml £4.50


Liqueurs & Spirits


Liqueurs (Baileys sold in 50ml) Sold in multiples of 25ml £4.00 With Mixer £5.00


Spirits Sold in multiples of 25ml £3.50 With Mixer £4.50


Vermouths & Fortified Wines Sold in multiples of 50ml £3.50


Malt Whiskies / Vecchia Romagna Sold in multiples of 25ml £5.00


Soft Drinks


Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple or Apple Juice 1/2 Pint: £1.75 Pint: £3.50


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Lemonade 1/2 Pint: £1.75 Pint: £3.50


San Pellegrino Mineral Water - Sparkling 500ml £2.95


Panna Mineral Water - Still 500ml £2.95




Espresso £1.85


Double Espresso £2.25


Cafe Macchiato £1.90

Single shot of expresso topped with a small amount of hot foamed milk


Americano £1.95

Shot of expresso topped with hot water served with or without milk


Flat White £2.75

Double shot of expresso topped up with hot foamed milk. strong coffee with a velvety texture


Cappuccino or Latte £2.25


Café Con Crema £3.25

Coffee served in a glass topped with fresh cream


Liqueur Coffee £4.25

Freshly ground coffee served with a liqueur of your choice.


Hot Chocolate £2.25


Traditional Breakfast Tea £1.95


Speciality Teas selection includes Earl Grey, Mint, Chamomile and Jasmine  £1.95


Wine List and Drinks